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I watched a show that inspired me AND my children when they were younger to something more. I think it’s super healthy to see what’s possible, since in general, the media and society at large sets such low expectations for family success.

To preface this, I want to mention that we decided many years ago that we wanted to raise our children with home education (before it was “cool” – mandated – however you want to view it, lol).

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I know, some people think it’s ‘different’ (because it is). But I love finding examples of people around the world who have borne good fruit from ‘being different’.

Nicholeen Peck’s family would be counted among them. She was featured on a BBC episode of the “World’s Strictest Parents” where you can see for yourself what I mean. Two troubled teens from England move in with her family and the producers couldn’t wait to see what sparks would fly when two very opposite worlds collided.

And for the record, “strict” according to the show simply means “principled”, which is what we’re all about at Rare Faith (or at least strive to be).

So if you want to see what’s possible when ‘appearances’ indicate otherwise, watch this:

Watch the BBC episode here.

PS. I love Nicholeen! I’ve been a total fan, so it was a fun honor when she asked to use our family picture on her “Teaching Self Government” event banner when my children were younger.

Here are both of our families all grown up now:

Thanks for your friendship over the years, Nicholeen! I’m grateful for all I learned from you that helped me raise my family with a little more peace of mind.

Learn more about Nicholeen’s work at Teaching Self Government.


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